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Overview of grizzly gold trap

Overview of grizzly gold trap

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  • "The Grizzly Gold Trap runs at less of an angle and less depth thanks to the built-in slope in the design. The part that sold it to me though was the grizzlies. They were at a smooth angle and as such there was a lot less rock build ups. Additionally the box not tapering at the grizzlies prevented the jams on the sides like I'm used to. No more digging out rocks with your fingers yay! That alone would sell me."

    David Shofner (Littleton, CO)

  • The sluice I was trying out was the Grizzly Gold Trap (Explorer model). It's basically an improved version of the bazooka sniper. We had both a sniper + grizzly side by side and it was clear that this was an improvement over the original. As somebody who planned to buy a bazooka sniper (and got scammed + had to do a chargeback) I would highly recommend the GGTs. It has a significantly larger trap and with the right flow can move quite a bit of material (all without classifying of course). The biggest flake we found for the day was clearly visible on the deck of the sluice thanks to the embedded riffles just before the trap.

    Jim Spinosa (Denver, CO)