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About Us

Building a Community

When I bought my first fluid bed sluice, a Bazooka, I was amazed at the community of Bazooka users — how the shared information, supported and helped other fluid bed sluice users, posted photos of their sluices and gold. I really enjoyed being part of this group of people. When Bazookas were long longer made, I, like many others, was sad to see a good product no longer available — that the community of fluid bed users was no longer continuing.

My goal in starting Grizzly Gold Trap is to keep this community of users going strong, to continue developing and improving the fluid bed sluice technology and products, and add new members to the existing and awesome group of prospectors using and supporting fluid bed sluices… now and in the future with the Grizzly Gold Trap sluices.

Continuous Improvement

Our research and design improvement efforts will continue. We understand that there are always ways to improve our line of products and will continue to strive to improve our designs and add more features and accessories.

Key Features (compared to older fluid bed sluices)

  • Processes unclassified material: greater volume of material*
  • Higher capacity gold capture chamber: fewer clean outs 
  • Improved transport of material over grizzlies: fewer jam-ups
  • More efficient fluid bed/capture chamber: captures and holds gold
  • Increased capture and retention of fine gold: capture with confidence
  • Sampling riffles: Assesses gold in material

*NOTE: Low flow situations may require classifying material with ½ to ¼ mesh, depending on conditions.

Manufactured in U.S.A

In keeping with our mission to provide quality products and same week product shipping, we have partnered with a U.S based plastic fabrication facility that has the capability to produce hundreds of units at a time — not a single person CNC or saw operation. Our goal is to maintain reasonable stock levels of each Gold Trap model so that orders are shipped within one to three days of being placed.