MotherLode Gold Trap Sluice


We have a limited supply of parts to build out our MotherLode sluice model, which we will be selling over the next few months!

Sized for production, this 35.5" fluid bed sluice will keep two people busy feeding pay dirt onto the large capacity material transport deck. No more classifying material!

The MotherLode weighs 10.5 lbs. The width of the entrance deck is 13.5" and narrows down to 9.5" over the capture chamber. Clean-outs are easy and fast, taking less than a minute. Simply place the fluid bed end of the sluice in a 5-gallon bucket of water, plunge the chamber end up and down a few times to empty it, and you are ready to put the Gold Trap back into the water to capture more gold. 

Features include:

  • Large capacity, self-cleaning fluid bed trap
  • Sampling riffles
  • Rugged design