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Universal Wing Dam

Let's face it, building rock dams to direct waterflow is no fun. The Universal Wing Dam makes rock dams a thing of the a past and directly plenty of water into the Grizzly Gold Trap or any other sluice.

Perfect for low flow conditions or when you need more flow for aggressive mats. 

Imagine setting up your Universal Wing Dam, moving dirt, doing a cleanout and placing your sluice exactly where it was before!  

  • Faster Sluice Setup
  • Avoid "recalibrating" pitch
  • Pick up, clean out, put back and move more dirt.
  • Significantly reduces clean up time.

Please note, we have made some modification and improvement from the images listed. We now use heavy duty strapping in replace of hinges and replaced the brackets with strapping. This allows the Wing Dam to fold easier and reduces weight.